Llahuar Leh

Llahuar Leh is an electronic experimental music and sound art project that combines organic ambient atmospheres with chaotic rhythms derived from industrial and techno, all composed with soundscapes recordings made by Erick Ruiz Arellano in more than 30 countries since 2002, mainly in Asia and America.


The sounds are catalogued, edited and sampled with a technique inspired by cinematographic montage, creating imaginary scenarios that result from the improvised mix of sounds from different parts of the world.


Llahuar Leh not only contemplates the harmonious side of the planet, its nature, languages and rituals, but it is also an expression of its dark side, its decay, curses and malfunctions, the extinction of calm.

Erick Ruiz Arellano

Mexican (1982). Sound recordist, sound artist and experimental musician. He has made sound in more than 35 feature films. He has worked for productions by Darren Aronofsky, Roger Corman, Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna. He has recorded sound for documentaries for National Geographic, Discovery, BBC, Netflix, PBS, MTV. Since 2002 he has made soundscape recordings in 30 countries, mainly in Mexico and India. He has collaborated with Fonoteca Nacional in the soundscape projects of “Pueblos Mágicos” and “Chihuahua”.


He has performed sound art concerts at Fonoteca Nacional, Casa Del Lago, Laboratorio Sensorial, CIANF. Some of his sound pieces have been exhibited at sound art festivals such as Muslab and Visiones Sonoras. He has composed 6 soundscape albums and 2 experimental music albums under the name of Llahuar Leh. He is currently doing a heritage rescue project called “Voces del Origen”, making recordings of native sounds throughout Mexico.



Benares uses melancholic tones accompanied by ambient organic backgrounds mixed with sounds of social manifestations, false preachers and the decay of life itself.

Scape Sound Cities

Scape Sound Cities is composed mainly of improvisations with sounds from different parts of the world, a contrast between the innocence and the chaos of the planet.

Collaboration of Ana Paula Santana in GüiLá and Foco Tonal.

Live Set